The Guidebook towards happier, healthier and real love!

  • relationships bookAre you unhappy in your marriage or questioning if your current relationship has a future?
  • Are you alone even though you don’t want to or do you go from relationship to relationship because they don’t work out?
  • Do you find yourself unsatisfied in relationships because your partner can never give you what you need?
  • Do you find yourself unsatisfied in relationships because when time passes your partner always starts demanding more and more of you?
  • Do you find yourself disappointed because the person you are with isn’t any longer who you thought s/he was?
  • Do you find yourself wondering if there is somebody out there better than what you have?
  • Do you get confused because you don’t understand what happens with people’s reactions or even your own when you in a relationship?
  • Do you think it has just been bad luck or that there is something really wrong with you and that is why your relationships fail?
  • Or did you even stop trying because you are tired of the disappointment that trying to get the relationship that you want brings you over and over?

While research shows that relationships are the main source of happiness, they can also bring a lot of pain to people’s lives. Why does that happen? Because unfortunately it is not all a matter of love. People are complex human beings and therefore so are relationships. Most people have complex psychological histories that are far from ideal and without self awareness and some work, they are prompt to just repeat those patterns and get in their on way. That is what this book is all about. About awareness and if you are motivated enough you can follow the pathway to change the aspects that you can and accept with compassion the ones that we cannot (about your and your partner).

In this book you won’t find quick fixes, magic solutions or easy steps that will get you the love you want right after you finish reading it. There are plenty of excellent books out there by the experts in the relationships field. The problem is that most people cannot follow the wonderful advice because there are some deeper underlying issues that need to be addressed before that: your attachment style. In general, your attachment unconsciously determines your thoughts, needs, emotions …so in the same way that people can’t just stop drinking or using drugs, in the same way people can’t just follow the advice from a book.  That would be great! We need some preparation work, so you don’t end up defeated or more frustrated.

That is why this book different:  I provide a basic introduction about how attachment theory explains the way we feel and behave in relationships, how even though certain matches don’t seem to be what we want at first sight  might be what we need in the end, and the pathway with many exercises to put in practice individually and with a partner (if available) to achieve long term results. So the love science made it simple for anybody to get a quick grab of it and hands on practices to start working right away… you won’t get lost understanding the deep concepts and give up half way.

And finally, because you won’t find all the solutions by reading this book, it provides you with enough awareness and information through out so you can determine if professional help is needed and how to look for it. Let’s be realistic, not most people will get the results wanted just by reading a book (some will), but you will definitely gain understanding of the problem and options to solve it.

Our style of attachment affects everything from our partner selection to how well our relationships progress to, sadly, how they end. That is why recognizing our attachment pattern can help us understand our strengths and vulnerabilities in a relationship. An attachment pattern is established in early childhood attachments and continues to function as a working model for relationships in adulthood.

Ah! and if that isn’t enough…. let me tell you that by improving your attachment style, you won’t only improve your relationships but your overall wellbeing. A secure attachment style significantly determines your health, happiness and capacity for finding balance in life. Why? Because attachment is responsible for:

  • shaping the success or failure of future intimate relationships
  • the ability to maintain emotional balance
  • the ability to enjoy being ourselves and to find satisfaction in being with others
  • the ability to rebound from disappointment, discouragement, and misfortune

So get it now and once for all find out why you are the way you are and some aspects of your life don’t go the way you wish.

This book is available for download in several different formats. You may choose to download and read it on your laptop or computer, iPad, Kindle and other e-readers. All options are available on the download page!

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